Past Boxes

What’s in the Launch Box?

Started by two best friends during the pandemic, we chose “honeysalt cape cod” because of their dedication to making your environment cozy! “honeysalt” candles crackle as they burn because of their natural wooden wicks! They make every space warm, inviting and relaxing! HONEYSALT INSTAGRAM

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N&B Woodworking Creations hand carved pens have such a great feel in your hand. We know they will inspire you! Each pen is artistically hand designed! We chose these beautiful pens because we loved how individual they were, just like everyone of you! They represent something special that you can grab to remind you that being unique is a wonderful thing! N&B WOODWORKING CREATIONS INSTAGRAM

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We chose this wooden cup because of the feel in the hand. Filled with  hot tea it’s warm and relaxing to hold. “Harney and Son’s” Tea is one of the highest quality teas on the market! Enjoy by replacing sugar with these yummy Vermont, maple syrup sticks!

Cucumber Melon handmade soap From “Made By Bella Cape Cod” is made from goats milk! This gentle, soothing soap will make your hands and body feel and smell fresh. The scent is not overpowering and leaves a light pleasant scent!

Why did we choose a journal? Sometimes we just need a little encouragement to be creative. You could write your thoughts, try writing some poetry, draw your feelings, or maybe an evening gratitude journal by your bedside with your beautiful new pen!

Deck to Diary Samples: Are journal prompts in playing card form, that are created to help you to reflect, relax and and find joy in writing. DECK TO DIARY INSTAGRAM


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