Designs by Robin

Jewelry making is and artistic form of self care for me. I have chosen to work with clay and hand design some polymer beads by hand and incorporate semi precious stones, wood beads, and metal accents. I use a heavy gauge elastic to tie it all together. Some bracelets have charms attached for a bit of whimsey! I also make aroma therapy defuser bead bracelets by adding a few coral beads and including a mini bottle of Ocean Breeze essential oil for you to add to your bracelet. A tiny drop lasts for over a week. I hope you enjoy this collection.

A) Handmade polymer clay bead with wood and Italian blown glass bead. Colors are a maple wood and sky blue, the hand made bead is approx. a half inch in diameter and resembles a world of oceans! $20
B) Pastel Butterfly, semi precious pastel stones with silver metal butterfly accent. $20
C) Polymer clay beads in lime green white and yellow, natural color wood beads and silver accents! $20
D) Hexagonal denim blue beads with blue crystal beads and silver accents, a little rock n roll. $20
E) Sea glass – green crackle – agate beads and mat black obsidian beads with dragonfly and silver accent beads. $20
F) Blue ocean colors in crackle agate, handmade polymer bead, and silver accents with elephant. $20
G) Beautiful rose, peach mauve and earth toned beach glass beads with silver accents. 1/2 inch handmade polymer clay bead. $20
H) Gorgeous green/teele beads with silver accents and handmade polymer clay bead. $20
I) Purple crazy lace agate, and purple charoite beads with silver accents and handmade polymer clay bead. $20
J) Rose and peach quartz beads with silver accents and good luck elephant charm! $20
1) The “Diffuser Collection” each semi precious stone bracelet has raw coral beads that act as a diffuser when you apply essential scented oil. The scent lasts for weeks. A 1 ml bottle of ocean breeze scented oil is included. A little bit goes a long way! Includes hand painted pouch. $30
2) Diffuser Bracelet: Sky blue crackle agate with porcelain fish accent bead, silver starfish essential oil and pouch included $30
3) Diffuser Bracelet: Rose garden porcelain beads with rose Italian glass beads and silver accents essential scented oil included, and hand painted pouch. $30
4) Diffuser Bracelet: Blue floral china beads and luminous deep blue Italian glass beads with silver accents. Oil and pouch shown above included. $30
5) Diffuser Bracelet: Bracelet of blue crackle agate with silver accents that include a sea turtle and star fish. Oil and pouch included. $30
7) Diffuser Bracelet: Sunshine yellow agate beads with silver accents a butterfly and signature daisy charm. Oil and pouch included. $30
8) Diffuser Bracelet: Green jasper stone beads with silver accents and dragonfly charm. Oil and pouch included. $30
9) Diffuser Bracelet: Rose garden bracelet #2 Oil and pouch included. $30
10) Diffuser Bracelet: Beautiful purple crazy lace agate and crystal beads with hand made polymer clay bead. Oil and pouch included. $30
11) Diffuser Bracelet: Blue and green beach glass beads with silver accents and dragonfly. Oil and pouch included. $30
12) Diffuser Bracelet: Sea sediment beads with crystal beads and silver accents. Blue crystal dangling bead. Oil and pouch included. $30

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