Self Care it’s a Matter of Time

I was away this weekend visiting my oldest daughter in Vermont. We found some old slate tiles out by her antique barn and we thought it would be the perfect project to paint on them as welcome signs for our front doors! While I was painting, I could hear myself… that inner voice, saying “Well that doesn’t look right” “You’re not an artist” “Who do you think you are?”… Then with determination I clearly decided to let myself enjoy the process by being in the moment, creative and immersing myself in the paint colors and the experience with my daughter. I allowed myself to relax, breathe slowly and block things out, including the negative inner voice (she was not welcome).

I love the process of being artistic. I enjoy many forms of creating art. I do know my limitations and when I say I can’t draw a straight line its true, but I can be creative and I can create art. I need to give myself credit for that.

This weekend my personal self care ranged from art projects to observing nature, and enjoying the beauty of Vermont. Sharing the love of barns and structure with my daughters partner. Maybe the most simple of all and that was just being. Enjoying the people around me and listening to what they had to share. I also attended a virtual workshop where there were folks from across the globe attending. It was a relaxing hour of Doodling (yes you got that right) and coffee with my daughter a counselor as our guide. A wonderful no judgement zone where we all shared the space respectfully.

One of the best gifts of my visit to Vermont was a family of Foxes living nearby. A mom and 7 babies romped and played in an open field where we could watch them try their skills and mom nurse them out in the open. It was like National Geographic in our backyard. precious little babies and a very wise mom. I could have sat and watched them for hours.

Covid19 has been so hard on family and friendships, this weekend I was able to enjoy dear friends and family something that has been forbidden for many months. What a joy to have this freedom, clarity and peace.

Be kind to yourself, listen when your inner voice says “I need a break” it can be as easy as doodling, painting or writing? Or finding a bit of nature and some critters to give you peace.

Visit for creative offerings in the future.

Published by selfcareaware4u

I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts I am very lucky to live near beautiful beaches. They are a place of comfort for me! My husband and I have lived in our home for 29 years. By day I am the Director of a Non-Profit diaper bank for the Council of Churches called A Baby Center. I created Self Care Aware to support individuals mental wellness and to bring them a bit of peace and joy by providing a subscription box of items that together can set you up for some well needed me time. We try to include treats for the senses, like candles, food treats, journaling, meditation, body care items, art supplies, tea, or coffee, maybe some bling, or a cute bag? All of this to say lets make today special just for you! Or look what you could do for someone else to brighten their day. Everything is useful and has a purpose and all you need to do is a a little bit of time and care just for you!

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