Self Care ~ Beginnings

How do you begin to to care for yourself? When is it time to take action and stop the world for a little bit of time and focus just on yourself? If you’re asking these questions and more, maybe it’s time to create a plan or a process that allows you to care for yourself and replenish what living everyday takes out!

I am typically what they call a care-giver. In general I am a very low maintenance human. I take things slow and I enjoy a calm and peaceful environment. I do know that I have triggers. In the beginning when I first started noticing that certain people, situations or events gave me anxiety I didn’t know what to do about it. I would acknowledge it and try to pace myself through a situation but I was not caring for myself like I should. Have you ever tried CBD oil? I do use it! In times that I know I will be extremely anxious it really helps me. If you are using it or are contemplating using it make sure that you are ordering from the best and consult your physician. I order straight form a farm in Vermont called Mettawee Valley Hemp Company . Now CBD has been helpful but I knew I needed more.

Nature has always been soothing to me. I enjoy observing animals, birds, and flowers as well as landscapes. I live near the beach and it is truly relaxing to go to the beach and watch the waves and horizon or a sunset or best of all a sit down in the sun in the summer months. The sunshine really does re-charge my batteries and lifts my spirits. I also love visiting my daughter in Vermont. The lifestyle is much slower, calmer and it feels so much more wholesome to me. The mountains and rivers are beautiful and the company is grand! And still I needed more.

For many, many years I have been a crafter. It began when I was young and I would craft with my parents or my grandmother. As I got older I would craft with my sister. Once I had children I passed that down to them. Now as adults their skills are at a far superior level and the things they make are always glorious. I suppose that has intimidated me somewhat, but one day my oldest said “Stop saying your not artistic or that you can’t paint because you can” I realized I am my own worst critic and I just needed to DO! What an epiphany! How good that felt to let go of!

Thank God for crafting during the Pandemic or I would have gone out of my tree! I have begun painting, mostly water colors and I love it. My oldest daughter taught my youngest and I how to make a hand made book from scratch and wow was that a lesson on patience, fortitude and resolve. Letting the paper become something just beautiful. I have made a bazillion polymer clay beads and have made bracelets and necklaces from them. I have made a few clay engraving projects and those have been so detailed. I have found that the more intense the project is the more my brain relaxes and lets go of anxiety and ruminating thoughts… ever have those?

I learned that while I am creating I tend to hold my breath when I am really concentrating… thats bad! So maybe google some breathing exercises and remember to use them while you’re creating. I also try to remember my posture and that if I am uncomfortable I stop and do some stretching just to shake things out and then I go right back at it!

Let me encourage you to try something creative, maybe it will be in art or music or even writing in a journal. That is why I created Self Care Aware. To give you an opportunity to try a new medium of self care. I will always include an item to dazzle you, calm you, something tasty, something relaxing, that helps you to take special care of yourself, and something to inspire, inform and connect you.

This year I tried to think of a New Years resolution and I actually think they are silly and easy to break but I tried and the one resounding thing that kept coming to mind was the word DO! So you have nothing to loose, DO a craft or a project you enjoy. Try something new and take a little time out just for you! Your mind will thank you.

This months Self Care Aware Box creates an experience for you to care for yourself and to try your hand at journaling. Open your new box that is now 20% off if you use the CODE:CELEBRATE20 and you will see everything you need for a wonderful cup of tea or three, maple sticks to make your tea sweet, a beautiful wooden cup, a hand carved wooden pen made right here on Cape Cod, journal and journal prompts to get you thinking about what to write, and two hand made soaps also made here on Cape Cod, as well as a beautiful candle made by honeysalt Cape Cod you will love the scent! Follow us on Instagram @selfcareaware4u

Be Well, Until Next Time!

~ Robin ~

Published by selfcareaware4u

I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts I am very lucky to live near beautiful beaches. They are a place of comfort for me! My husband and I have lived in our home for 29 years. By day I am the Director of a Non-Profit diaper bank for the Council of Churches called A Baby Center. I created Self Care Aware to support individuals mental wellness and to bring them a bit of peace and joy by providing a subscription box of items that together can set you up for some well needed me time. We try to include treats for the senses, like candles, food treats, journaling, meditation, body care items, art supplies, tea, or coffee, maybe some bling, or a cute bag? All of this to say lets make today special just for you! Or look what you could do for someone else to brighten their day. Everything is useful and has a purpose and all you need to do is a a little bit of time and care just for you!

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